Aquatica Tropicals: Public Aquaria Live Animal Solutions

A division of Segrest Inc.

Aquatica Tropicals is the complete resource for public aquaria animal sourcing.

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Our lab staff and on call veterinarians our able to provide quarantine services to new animal acquisitions.


With our relationship to two of the largest animal suppliers in the world, we can bring you the opportunity to acquire all types of animals for your exhibits.


Short term holding allows for animals to be temporarily held for treatment and quarantine under the watch of lab and veterinarian staff.


The systems can be easily adapted to be used for the rescue of animals that have been injured or threatened in the wild.


Long term holding, as well as our repurpose abilities, are available for animals that are no longer suitable for public display.


Our vast network, short term holding, and animal transport abilities can be utilized to move animals between multiple facilities.

Animal Acquistions